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Magjumper tech toolsMagjumper for low voltage control testing
The Magjumper is a magnetic jumper wire designed to help troubleshoot low voltage controls. The Magjumper is excellent for troubleshooting thermostats, control boards, sensors, switches and alarm panels. For use up to 30 volts / 5 amps. The Magjumper is 20 inches long and is available in 5 tip colors. Red, Black, Green, Yellow and Blue.
Select Your Color Choice: $11.95 ea.

Rite Site MirrorRite Site Non-Inverted Image Inspection Mirror
The Rite Site inspection mirror utilizes a glass optical-grade prism for a non-inverted image. Using the Rite Site Mirror for inspection of a inaccessible label or name plate presents a true non inverted (non-mirrored) image. The inspection mirror presents the user with a clear viewing image, making it easy to see and read. $13.95 ea.

Tape MasterTapeMaster
The TapeMaster is the industry’s first and only aluminum foil tape dispenser.  The TapeMaster is engineered to remove the paper backing from foil tape with ease. It conveniently rolls the waste paper onto a take up reel for easy disposal. A built in squeegee helps to apply and smooth the foil tape in one motion. The TapeMaster saves time during installation and clean up! Available in 2” or 3” models.

Select Your Model Size:

HVAC StrapHVAC Strap
The HVAC Strap is a powerful magnetic HVAC manifold gauge holder.  It is proudly made in the USA for HVAC technicians invented by an HVAC technician.

HVAC StrapMullenix Furnace Door Magnetic Switch Depressor

The Mullenix Furnace Tool is a magnetic door switch depressor that is used to keep the power on while troubleshooting furnaces. The Mullenix Furnace Tool saves time by attaching to the furnace chassis and clamping down on the furnace door switch to keep it engaged. The Mullenix Furnace Tool works on most types of furnace switches. Price: $11.95

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