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Tape Master

The TapeMaster is the industry’s first and only aluminum foil tape dispenser.  The TapeMaster is engineered to remove the paper backing from foil tape with ease. It conveniently rolls the waste paper onto a take up reel for easy disposal. A built in squeegee helps to apply and smooth the foil tape in one motion. The TapeMaster saves time during installation and clean up! Available in 2” or 3” models.
• One step foil tape application.
• Removes paper liner, applies and smooths tape in one easy motion.
• Built in squeegee provides a smooth professional look on flat surfaces.
• Secondary take up real winds up the backing paper liner for easy disposal,
eliminating scraps of waste paper from job site.
• Save time, increase production and cut labor cost.
• Never hunt for the end of your tape again!

Click here for the TapeMaster instructional video
Price: 2” Model   29.99,  3”  Model  39.99